Ceramics by Amy Emrany

Below are some of the ceramic pieces by local ceramicist Amy Emrany that will be in display for our 1 year anniversary on Thursday, September 5th, 2019 from 5-8pm.
These creations were fired in a pit. They have been carefully handmade as one-of-a-kind pieces of art. “Pit firing” is an ancient method of firing pottery dating back nearly 30,000 years. The process typically occurs in a shallow hole or pit. After the pot is created, “burnishing” (polishing by rubbing) multiple times with a smooth stone or object creates a silky, lustrous surface. Carefully chosen ingredient such as wood shaving, seaweed, and other natural, earthy ingredients help to transform the clay as it is being fired. All of the colors and patterns on the pots are produced in the fire. This atmospheric process ensures that no two pieces will ever be alike. It is not a quick process, but the results obtained are like none other.

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