21st ArtHop: Jose Aguirre

I am a local based artist. I have achieved my bachelors degree in fine art at Fresno State University in 2006.

During my absence from painting I explored different art forms that include film and music. I explore Sci‐fi themes in my current artwork. I have been influenced by Surrealism, Cubism, Futurism and Abstract Expressionism. In my creative process, I start with a sketch, I paint with thin layers of oil and I let the painting dry for some time. Onto the next phase of the process I begin to erase by sanding down layers of oil paint. In some cases taking an opportunity to form and create a move that wasn’t originally from sketch. It is a critical point in the painting process that I admire. In some cases a painting can reach a point where its near completion and then it is erased and reworked.