Artist Directory

Sandra “Zara” Aminian

Sandra ‘Zara’ Aminian is a native Fresnan. She graduated from California State University, Fresno with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Registered Nursing and acquired a specialty in Case Management.

Sandra’s life-long passion for art and design started at a very early age. It was recently kindled by an inner connection and desire to further explore the art of painting. Much of this passion was derived from the long time admiration of her mother’s work as a local watercolor artist. Sandra’s connection to painting was undeniably palpable from the day she took brush to canvas, which left her immediately yearning for more. She describes her experience while painting as a transformation of self, body and soul. When in the throes of her work, self- expression is immeasurable and creative energy is exuberant.

Originally, Sandra began as a self-taught artist in abstract design. It wasn’t until after several months of painting on her own, that she would enlist professional instruction from an accomplished artist of distinction to further develop her skill and achieve her goals. Her work is natural and spontaneous in approach with an affinity for acrylics, colour and texture. Recently, she began experimenting with other mediums to add to her developing portfolio.

Sandra strives for nothing less than excellence and perfection. As her paintings come to fruition and are displayed for viewing, she takes great pride and excitement in her accomplishments. She aspires to invoke from her admirers a personal/intimate connection to her body of work. She stays positive and true to her gift as an artist, and embraces her creative energy, as well as the periodic times of lull and block, by living by her motto “Believe” and reflecting on a famous quote by Vincent Vang Gogh “If you hear a voice within you say ‘you cannot paint’, then by all means paint and that voice will be silenced.”

Myrna Axt

There is something magical about taking an ordinary, or dilapidated object, and reviving it into something extraordinary. This is Myrna’s belief and goal in all her 3-dimensional, found object compositions. She is passionate about engaging her hand and heart by intuitively breathing life into discarded remnants, so these can be appreciated in new ways and shared with others.

Driven by a childlike curiosity, Myrna’s love of objects and collections, her artistic voice came forward, and morphed into an assemblage artist, at age 65. “There is a cycle of life…Birth, Growth, Death, Decay, and Rebirth….that’s where I come in. I take communion at my worktable with a desire to open a door, without knowing where that door leads. I stand back, and let MY IMAGINATION TAKE FLIGHT. My eyes travel over my accumulation of ‘finds’ and MY SOUL SINGS! Common items once used for one purpose are now moving in new directions… I wonder, who has touched these? Who and how was this remnant used? I like to think that part of that person’s energy is still contained within the object and grants me new creative powers.”

Myrna’s desire is to do the unexpected and uplift reality using individual pieces that were never intended to be together. In her work, she is constantly seeking synergy between the “known” quantity, the core value of a piece, and still paying homage to the subtlety of the composition.

Myrna’s art has led to many awards in the art community including: Nudes in Nov. Sorensen’s Gallery, Clovis Art Guild, Alliance of California Artists, Cayucos Art Assn., The Circle Gallery, Madera. Her art can be seen in Moss Landing at the Haute Enchilada Gallery. In Fresno, the Historic Water Tower, Gift & Gallery. In Madera, the Circle Gallery.

Diane Breuer

Diane Sauble Breuer was born in Los Angeles, CA. She has lived and studied art in Brazil, India, and United States. Studies included private teachers, the University of Art in Madras and the University of Art in Calcutta, Batik study at the artist’s colony,Cholamandal, outside of Madras, India as well as attending Fresno State. Diane loves pastel but also paints in oils, acrylics, watercolor, and pen and ink. She has won numerous awards including Best of Show, People’s Choice, and Pastel Society of the West Coast, many first, second, thirds and honorable mentions. Her art is in private collections across United States, Ireland, and India. She has been in the Civil War Camera, an online magazine/website for Civil War reenacting photographers where her art on the Civil War was featured. Diane’s artwork was also used on the cover of the book titled “Alley cat at the Mercy of the Gods”.
Diane is a signature member of PSWC, ACA, and SWA. She served on the SWA and ACA board as publicity chair, newsletter chair, web master, vice president, and president. She currently is a member of Fresno Arts Council, Madera Arts Council and Circle Gallery (where she has won Best of Show and sold numerous paintings), and Morro Bay Arts Council.
Diane owned the Fresno Art Hub, a fine art gallery and studio, where over 30 artists had their work on display. She taught classes for adults and children, had workshops from prestigious, award winning artists from around the world and hosts events for the Art of Life, Aquarius Aquarium, and the Jr League of Fresno. She hosted the Alliance of California Artists at her gallery where they held their monthly board and general meetings as well as art shows and workshops.

Carole Love

Carole started her art career while she was serving in the Air Force when she did pastel portraits of her friends and their pets. Her art career was set aside for the next twenty years while she indulged in her love for the theatre. She acted, sang, wrote and directed plays and were designing fabulous costumes. She performed in over twenty-five musical comedies, including being featured in the First National Broadway tours of FUNNY GIRL and CABARET.

Carole has been active in many art guilds in Southern California. She was president of of Antelope Valley Art Guild where she entered a piece of art for the first time and won Best of Show. That was the beginning of many years if showing her beautiful animal art and portraiture. Locally, Carole has been President of The Fresno Porcelain and The Alliance of California.

Carole’s Art has been shown in many galleries including the Studio Gallery in Burbank, Gaea Hawkins Gallery in Lancaster, The Antelope Valley Museum of Art, and Fresno City Hall. In The Fresno fair she has won blue ribbons, Her work is currently at Vernissage in Fresno.

Julie Raymer

I create art to fully express myself, and to find and give joy. Often contemplative, words don’t always tell my story; but painting from my heart makes me alive and complete. I can’t tell you beauty, but I can feel it. Constantly learning and growing, I don’t restrict the subjects that inspire me or the mediums/techniques that I use. Whether using watercolors, acrylics or pen, as long as something moves me, it can become my expression through my art. It can be the beauty or peacefulness in a landscape or a story of hardship in a person’s eye that intrigues me. It’s exciting to see incredible wonder in simple things. In my work I believe I can successfully communicate my feelings beyond words,using my God-given gift. When I look at my art, I can say, “I’m in there.”

Julie Raymer was born in San Francisco and grew up in nearby Burlingame. As a young child, always looking for something to do, she often spent time drawing, coloring and embroidering. Throughout grade school, her artistic talent blossomed and many of her works of art were chosen for display in local shows. It wasn’t until her junior year of high school that a friend encouraged her to take art. Here she was introduced to watercolor, acrylic and oil painting. She soon excelled, winning Best of Show and 1st Place at the Mid Peninsula League Art Show, San Mateo County Fair, Bank of America Award in Art, and even having an oil painting on exhibit in Chicago in a national art contest.
Julie began college pursuing an art degree at San Jose State University, but after completing nearly two years, she left school before taking any art classes beyond art history, lecture courses, and contour drawing. She began working full time at the phone company where she met her husband, Dan. Shortly after the birth of their first child,
Julie and Dan moved to Fresno to afford the life of a one income family. Julie’s greatest achievement has been as a wife to Dan, and mother to Brianne and Michael.
Now, as an empty nester, and after much encouragement from her husband, Julie began pursuing her love of art again. In June 2014 she took a solo artist retreat and jumped back in after a 35 year hiatus! Largely self-taught, she began with drawing and watercolor paintings. She is now a member of the Alliance of California Artists and the Clovis Art Guild. In the past two years, Julie has entered many shows and received several awards. Julie has enjoyed taking three workshops – a watercolor course by Fabio Cembranelli, “Contemporary Approaches to Self Expression” taught by Joan Fullerton and a watercolor workshop by Keiko Tanabe. She has been called prolific by some of her peers, and will tell you it is because she just can’t stop. All those years of creativity just dormant… In retrospect, Julie sees now that God had a perfect plan for her life. She did not waste 35 years of “could have been,” but devoted herself to faith and family. Now since she has the time, and support of her family, she looks forward to learning and growing as an artist.

Stephanie J. Ryan

My work is an investigation of the mysteries of human psyche, especially the subconscious elements; dreams, memory, and reverie. My work also explores family systems, in various forms and definitions, using layering, fragmentation and appropriation to undermine familiar narratives relating to socially accepted views of the family and its functions. I hope to raise questions concerning the trans-generational effects of post-traumatic stress disorder and other types of psychological scarring that result from war, forced relocation and diaspora, imprisonment and violent conflict; specifically, how these events may mutate or infect subsequent generations, shaping the psychological underpinnings of the family system, that serve as the motivating factors, conscious or unconscious, of the human psyche.