David Medley

David Medley is a mostly retired general contractor skilled in nearly all the trades involved in residential and commercial construction. Best described as a “Renaissance man”, he is interested and studied in history, science, government, music, literature and art in general.

Medley has shown his work nationally and internationally winning a variety of awars at the California State Fair for his automated displays promoting various counties.

He has used paint, wood, clay, stone, glass, plastic, a variety of metals, motors, auto parts, barbed wire and found objects to create works both functional and non objective. In the last decade, he has gathered stones, teeth, branches, bones, grasses and other natural debris in the Sierra foothills to fashion his art. This material are turned into stones axes, spears, knives and other “ancient tool” look-alikes.

Presently, Medley is using willow branches to create chairs, benches, awnings, shades and other functional furniture.

His work is represented by Vernissage: Fresno’s Art Rendezvous, CA.

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