Haley Coleman

Haley is a California native. She, along with her husband John, and their two daughters reside in California’s Central Valley. Haley graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree from California State University, Fullerton with an emphasis in Business Administration. She has always been an artist at heart. Enrolling in art classes at a local museum at an early age, and later private drawing lessons served to instill an appreciation for the arts.

Downtown Los Angeles was home until Haley met her husband John, a farmer in California’s rich agricultural valley. The two planted their own roots, starting a family and growing a business together. While Haley raises two small daughters and runs a growing farming business, painting and drawing have continued to be a constant in her life. In the Fall of 2017 she decided to officially pursue her lifelong dream of an artistic career.

The Farmer’s Wife Fine Art launched in November of 2017 and Haley could not be more excited about what the future has in store for her. She aims to focus on her breakthrough as an emerging artist painting contemporary California landscapes both orchard and rural.

“I am a California-based, self-taught artist specializing in acrylics. I am mesmerized by the detail and symmetry of the orchards that blanket California’s Central Valley. I paint on heavy paper and canvas. The quick-drying and steadfast nature of acrylic allows me to layer to my liking. Through a vibrant palette, I create depth and an inherent style that is seen throughout my work. The works of Hockney and O’Keeffe are an inspiration for me.”