Marianne Trotter

Marianne Trotter_Vernissage Fresno_d150721a_02_finalpaint

Although I have always been involved in art in one way or another, it is only since 2006 that I’ve gotten serious about painting and mixed media. In college I studied art, but was intimidated by the thought of making a living in the art world. I became a teacher.

Throughout my 37-year career, I used art as a vehicle for the students’ learning. My career choice was a great fit and I found satisfaction in the creativity that teaching allowed.

We moved to Europe in 1998, first to Kiev, Ukraine, and 4 years later to Germany. 15 years of living abroad! It was in a little village in Bavaria, in 2006, that I began to feel that passion for all forms of art again. A few workshops under my belt and I was ready to get started. My pieces are as varied as my life has been. They reflect my view of all the experiences of living in foreign countries.

After my husband and I retired, we decided to leave Europe and move to Fresno. The art scene in Fresno has offered me some new challenges. Fortunate for me, we bought a house with a little hut in back that I converted into my art studio. Now I paint everyday, exploring different methods and techniques. Right now I’m collaborating with another artist in Carson City, Nevada via Skype. Once a week we meet and discuss our projects, critique each other’s work, and plan our next assignments.

My collection for this exhibit is mixed media on wood panels. The materials include joint compound, acrylics, and urethane. The focus is color and texture, leaving interpretation of the design to the viewer. My inspiration is the world around me in the four seasons, my experiences living overseas, and other artists with whom I have formed a connection.